Email Marketing

Email campaigns that get your voice heard


It can be hard to stand out online. Email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing tactics, it’s not to be dismissed as old-fashioned in this modern world of social media. Engage your target audience and keep them that way with smart email campaigns that are enticing and clickable.


The Spring Media team understand how to create and maintain a strong brand. We’ll work closely with you to tweak your message until it’s perfect. Timing is everything too, so we will ensure that your email newsletters and marketing hits inboxes at the perfect moment – leading to more conversions.

Know your buyer!


At Spring Media we work to understand your business inside out. An important part of this is your buyer, so we get to know them too, just as well. This positions us perfectly when it comes to creating highly targeted campaigns that your customers will love.


Of course, it almost goes without saying that our campaigns are perfect for every device, giving you more click throughs.

Optimising your Email Marketing Campaign


Spring Media digital marketers know the law when it comes to email too. Not only that, but we know how much people hate any kind of spam. We time your campaigns so that they find the right balance when it comes to keeping your brand in the customer consciousness, without irritating them into unsubscribing.


The internet is a transient place so we should all keep updating our email marketing approaches. At Spring Media we analyse and evaluate the success of your email strategies, ensuring that they’re as effective as possible and that your digital marketing is honed for your readers. Our aim is to consistently better your marketing strategies.


Spring Media Design is a great option for businesses looking to rejuvenate or develop their digital content strategies. As an integrated digital agency we have the in-house skills necessary to make sure that your email marketing looks great, is instantly clickable, and has seamless and responsive design.


If you’re ready to jump on board, let us know. Give us a call on 01326 368352 or send us an email of your own via


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