About Us

Spring Media Design Ltd

Want to know a little more about our team and where we came from…

Based at Tremough Innovation Centre in Cornwall, Spring Media Design Ltd is a website design and development company providing a range of bespoke systems and online platforms that have been helping organisations run efficiently and drive business for the past 5 years.


We provide the full range of design and development services and solutions. These include:


  • Responsive and Interactive Web Design
  • Website and Application Development
  • Web integration
  • Data Migration
  • Hosting Management
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO


We are A+ certified in software and hardware installation, PC build and technical support issues. Our team consists of several Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs), so you can rest assured from the moment you make your first enquiry that you’re in safe hands.

Meet The Founder

Rich Lacey is the founder of Spring Media Design Ltd. Prior to this he worked for 4 years as Senior Network Engineer at a Microsoft partner company in charge of a team that designed IT systems and online platforms for successful global businesses.


Rich was one of the first 5 UK engineers to be certified as a Lab Data Security Technician, and was also awarded the Watchguard Accredited Engineer Award for business security firewalls.


“We’re really proud to have such an excellent reputation with our clients. The open and informative communication we enable with everyone we work with is at the core of our success. We want our high level of experience and expertise to come together with your vision to produce something that we can all be proud of. There’s a solution to every problem, and I’ve been doing this long enough to say for certain that nothing is impossible.” Rich Lacey, 2014


A Sustainable Future


One of our missions at Spring Media Design is to minimise the environmental impact of all of our business operations. We avoid all unnecessary use of resources to try and make our services as green and sustainable as possible without compromising on performance or price.


Carbon Offsetting


We plant 5 oak trees a year to offset our carbon emissions. This is a practice which our data centres are also committed to, and will be planting more than 400 trees this year alone, ensuring our customers enjoy environmentally sensitive hosting.




We recycle everything we can, from cans to plastic to hardware (which we dispose of in accordance with WEEE regulations). We would recycle paper too if we used it, but we run a completely paperless office, with all communications – internal and external – carried out electronically.




All of our PCs are fitted with 80+ rated power supply units, and our data centres make use of a cold aisle containment system, which improves cooling efficiency by up to 40%. In addition, we use a managed power system to ensure that idle hardware is not burning resources unnecessarily.

Have an idea? We’re here to help turn this into reality